Saturday, April 22, 2006

Keeping Up Appearances

During my pregnancy, I remember hearing horror stories of new moms going for days without showers, never getting their make-up on, wearing the same pjs all day for days straight, etc. I even have first hand experience in dropping by a new mom's house and her answering the door in her bathrobe, hair a mess and face unwashed at 2 in the afternoon. I really hoped I wasn't one of those.

Thankfully, I've been able to instill this part of the routine with my son. After his morning feeding and diaper change, I put him in his carseat and set him in the bathroom. He fusses a little, but the white noise of the bathroom fan and the shower going quickly calms him. He falls asleep on his own while I shower.

Also, I've been blessed with a bathroom that has a large vanity. On one side of the sink, I cleared a space and turned it into a changing table. It's great because Bubby likes to look in the mirror, and I have easy access to the sink. He fusses less when I clean him off with a warm, wet washcloth instead of cold wipies. I can also wash my hands right away after changing him. If he's calmly watching the goings on in the mirror, I take the opportunity to fix my hair and put on make-up if I didn't have a chance during his nap time. At night, I use this time to wash my face before bedtime.

One of the greatest things about having a baby in the springtime is the nicer weather. To help me get back in shape, Bubby and I go for walks nearly every day. Following Tracy Hogg's EASY routine, I start the walk after a feeding during his activity time. By the end of the walk, if he hasn't fallen asleep himself, it's time to put him down for a nap. Works great!

Housework is another issue. I've kept up fairly well. I still seem to have pregnancy nesting, maybe because I'm still supposed to be pregnant. Last night, Bubby was overtired and just would not settle down, so I never got a chance to do dishes. I better pop off line and get them done before my dear one wakes up.


Candy said...

Sounds like you're doing just fine. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have heard those stories too and have never understood why. Even when I had a 21 mos. old and a newborn, I still managed to shower and dress long before noon.

Anna said...

I always found staying in my pajamas to be extremely depressing and demotivating. There's nothing like actual clothes and combed hair to make you feel a little better about the day, and improve your energy level, even with a fussy baby!

Anonymous said...

I'm only 18, and I'm nowhere near being a mom, but I totally agree with Anna! Let me get dressed and I feel ready to take on anything...well, almost!

Glad you're keeping up, Kate.