Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring Cleaning Kinda Delayed

Colic has struck Taigh Beag. I only got the fixtures and mirror done in the bathroom yesterday. Oh, and I did manage to tidy the enclosed porch. Bubby was up for 7 hours screaming and crying. Nothing I did could soothe him, the poor dear. Thankfully, we're seeing the doctor on Friday, but I have a good idea what he's going to say: "Welcome to colic." I'm not sure I believe in colic in that people say it's just a phase baby's go through, but it is clear to me that Bubby's little tummy is gassy and uncomfortable for him and that in turn makes him upset. Gas drops don't help much.

I HAVE to get sewing done, so my mother is coming over this afternoon to lend a hand with tidying up.

As for the no dairy, I did well yesterday. For dinner, I sauteed chicken, green pepper, tomato, spinach and garlic and served it over plain egg noodles. The fellows got a chicken and rice bake, cottage cheese and leftover baked beans.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I hate to even suggest this...but there are other foods that you might be eating which might be bothering your baby. Namely...if something causes gas or upset stomach in adults - it can pass through your breast milk to your baby. I just thought of this whenever I read what you had for supper (which sounds delicious!), but green peppers may be too much for his little tummy. As well, garlic may alter the flavor of your breast milk, he might not take as much, and then still be hungry. I'm sure you've thought of all this, but I do know that peppers, broccoli, cabbage, and the like can cause a "colicky" baby. Good luck!

a suburban housewife said...

Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb here, probably not a real popular limb at that, but the latest stuff I'm reading about breast feeding says, "Don't worry about your diet." Is this going to be like the whole sleeping thing where 20 years ago you were to ONLY put babies on tummy; then 10 years ago it was on the side; and now it is "back to sleep."? Who knows. But I just bet that moms at the turn of the century didn't have much time to stew over their diet/nursing habits. My guess, admittedly uneducated, would be that the problem comes from hormones and pesticides used to grow those foods/dairy products. I can't imagine a woman in India cutting out all spicy stuff from her diet; she simply would starve.

I will pray for your precious Baby and for you as well. Colic can sure be nervewracking, to say the least!

kj said...

My thoughts are with you at this most difficult time. My firstborn had colic and nothing I gave her or me helped at all. Prayers for you both from England.