Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Making Do With Leftovers

The making of culinary creations using leftovers used to be a housewife's skill. I'm not big on leftovers, myself, but in the name of thrift and less waste, (and the fact that I cleaned out my fridge today) I'm tackling some leftovers.

I have turned some old carrots, green beans from my garden, frozen corn, some leftover mashed potatoes and one lonely drumstick into a pot of nourishing soup with the simple addition of chicken broth I had on hand and some herbs and seasonings.

Then, there was the loaf of bread I made that was quickly going stale. I whirred some more of those old carrots in the food processor along with some eggs, spices, the good bits of an apple starting to go bad, raisins, maple syrup, a little bit of organic cane sugar (hopefully to make it more palatable to my picky eater) and some milk. I added that to half the loaf crumbled up in a bowl and I'm letting it sit overnight. In the morning I will bake it into a bread pudding (disguised as cake) and make a low-sugar glaze cutting the sugar with arrowroot powder.

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