Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Haikus

While whittling away time on facebook today during Tropical Storm Irene, a facebook friend got me started on Hurricane Haikus. I thought I'd share them:

The wind is blowing.
Rain seeps into my basement.
Power, please stay on.

I've had one brown out.
Rain seeps in through kids' AC.
Damage has begun.

The wind is so strong.
My heart is pounding stronger.
Grammar: more strongly?

Facebook distracts me
From the wind and rain outside
As I write Haikus.

Leaking heater vent
In bathroom vent; and Cora
Has a stomach bug.

Prayers are lifted
For the locals flooded out
And other damage.

Stay off the roadways
All you crazy idiots!
Walmart stores can wait.

The frogs are croaking
Just outside my window.
Life returns for me.
But for many more
My heart breaks for flooded loss
And displaced people.
Such destruction here
But Upstate New York will be
Beautiful once more.

For picture of what Irene did in and around the local area, click HERE!

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