Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Can Dream, Can't I?

While my ultimate dream would be to have our own farm with our own farm house and a few cottages for my aging relatives to be nearby, sometimes I like to dream about what I'd like to do for our current little cottage.

1. Vermont Bun Baker
I'd put this in my basement and in the dining room I'd put in one of those large, Victorian grates in the floor for the heat to rise up through. I could use this for off the grid living, for fun, and for heating and cooking should the power go out in the wintertime.

2. Gutters and rain barrels

We need gutters on this house. It would greatly help in keeping water out of the basement. Plus, rain collection would be a great way to green up our water usage. Not only could I use the water for gardening (gravity fed irrigation system to my garden, perchance?) and animals, but I could run it through a:

3. Berkey Water Filter

This would allow me to use the water collected in the rain barrels for human consumption!

4. Farm Animals (and coops and a barn):

We don't have much land, so I can't have much. I could do some ducks up by the decorative pond, chickens by the dry well, and a couple of miniature goats down in the back point.

5. Greenhouse
Ok, so ultimately, off the side of the sun porch, I'd like to put in a solarium. Nothing too big, just big enough for some dwarf fruit trees like citrus and figs. But, I'd be happy with a greenhouse down by my garden so I can get my plants started early. Also, a couple of winterized hot boxes would be nice, too. Fresh lettuce in December is my goal!

6. A Loft Bedroom
This would be the first thing I'd have done. It is a necessary! I'd have our attic turned into a loft bedroom. It is such wasted space up there, space that we need for our growing family.

A new, bigger garage for hubby would be nice, too! Plus, there are lots of trees that need to come down and new ones planted. Poison ivy needs to be gone and in its place rugosa rose bushes for their fragrant flowers and healthful rose hips. Oh, and then the big luxury item: I'd like one of the windows in the master bedroom replaced with a door that leads to a secluded patio containing a jacuzzi! Pardon me as I close my eyes, sit back and smile. LOL!


Brenda said...

I bought a Pioneer Maid cookstove at an Amish Auction this summer for $250! They had the bunmaker stove there too, or something quite similar. A Berkey is also on my wish list, as well as gutters! We do have animals, right in town. We had chickens and turkeys on 1/4 acre for years, and recently I moved them around the corner onto our schoolhouse 1 acre property - up to 100 chickens (half that in the winter), a dozen turkeys (perhaps 3 in the winter) and 5 sheep. Does your zoning allow for livestock? You can do quite a bit on a little land, though animals really tie you to staying close to home. We baled hay and are building onto our pole barn this summer (on another property, not in town) to be able to get cattle. Not sure I'm ready for that yet!

Kate said...


Thank you for your comment! :) We are allowed to have animals. We thankfully currently live in the country between woods and a farm. The problem with our property isn't so much the size, but the shape (and location of things like well, septic and leech field.) It makes it a bit complicated to organize where things can and can't go.

I'm am glad you mentioned your other properties. I've kicked around the idea of purchasing land nearby (if I can find any!) for farm use.