Saturday, August 06, 2011

Big Changes

It looks as if in 25 days, we'll be temporarily moving 4 hours away to be closer to hubby and his job. It is so scary for this homebody girl! Not only that, I only have 25 days to go through and pack everything and make all the arrangements! Not an easy task with 3 little ones. I keep praying and praying that the Lord will allow my husband a transfer back home. I'm not looking forward to moving out of my comfort zone, close to family and friends and all I know to city in a part of the state known for its terrible winters where I don't know a soul. But, we simply cannot bear to be apart from Daddy.

I'm spoiled here in that it only takes 20 minutes one way to drive to a farm that sells raw milk. They're open all day every day, too, so it is very convenient. Where we are moving to, the nearest seller is 45 minutes away and is only open for a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours in the evening. That'll make it horribly inconvenient during the wintertime. It would be one thing if raw milk was just a preference, but it is a NEED for this family. My daughter and I cannot digest pasteurized milk. I do better with it if I have it in severe moderation, but if my daughter drinks it, she's messed up for months! The other alternative is to buy and make kefir. My daughter won't drink my homemade kefir, so I have to buy it for her. I could always cut her "pink milk" kefir with some homemade to make it stretch.

I so wish raw milk wasn't treated like some sort of "hippie juice." I am thankful my state allows for the selling of it on certified farms, but I wish they could at least let them sell it in markets, too. My other option is to start up or look for a co-op where we take turns traveling out every week to get everyone's "stash."

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