Saturday, December 18, 2010

When Mother is Ill

I woke up today feeling tired, thirsty and slightly dizzy, but got up anyway. Some water soothed my thirst. However, exercising failed to fill me with morning energy and only made the dizziness worse. By 6 am I was reeling and could barely move off the bathroom floor. I managed a quick shower, ate a banana and a bit of peanut butter, drank more water, grabbed my infant and curled up in bed. Of course, as it usually happens, my oldest was up early, my infant didn't want to sleep anymore, my daughter's diaper was sopping and hubby was away at work. Everyone simply had to wait until I could move without falling down and feeling like I was going to throw up.

My oldest ran toy trucks up and down my back and declared that I had a fever after feeling my head. He said my head was hot and my arms were cold. Then, he got himself dressed and tried to change his sister's diaper for me. I had to cave and take my anti-vert meds, which is a guarantee that I cannot leave the house. (We had a birthday party to attend 1 1/2 hours away.) They make me too drowsy to drive. But someone has to take care of 3 children 4 and under! Someone has to get up and feed them, give them milk to drink, change diapers, etc.

I admit it. I am just a bit resentful that when everyone else is sick, I take care of them, but when I'm sick, no one takes care of me and I still have to carry on with life's work. I try to balance it in my mind's eye by reminding myself how my dear husband has dragged his tired butt to work with the stomach flu, colds, migraine headaches, etc. At least I'm home and can turn on the electric babysitter and relax on the sofa while the kids watch mindless videos and trash the house.

I admit also that I am NOT a happy sick person. My patience is thin, my temper short. I HATE feeling unwell. It consumes me. How anyone with chronic ailments gets through life is beyond me. My vertigo is chronic, but thankfully it is easily managed and only flares up now and then.

I think I'm going to put my 2 year old to bed and try to catch a few zzzz's with my infant.

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Suburban Sojourner said...

Sorry that I don't live closer or I'd pop in to help.

Mrs. C from Canada