Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cozy Up Day

It was one of those hunker down, cozy up days. My eyes usually pop open sometime between 4:30 and 5 am. Today, they amazingly didn't pop open until 8 am and that's only because a little guy with rooting and I noticed that what little December sun we get was up. The older two children were still sound asleep and remained so for another half an hour. Usually, they're up at 7 am. It was obvious that we weren't going to make it to church and the weather didn't look promising for travel either.

It was so gloomy! I kept my living room curtains closed all day. Instead, I switched on the Christmas tree lights, lit a Yankee Candle Autumn Lodge candle and put on some Christmas music. The kiddos played and played and played. We had simple meals and I made cinnamon rolls (from Bettina's Husband-Pleasing book!) I finished a Christmas gift for my baby boy, a textures fabric book made from scrap squares and ribbon bits I had in my stash.

After such a busy week, it was nice to just putter around the house and take it easy.

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