Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homespun Christmas

This year, I dabbled in a more homespun Christmas. I made a few of the gifts, but still bought most of them. (It was fun shopping etsy!) I spent a lot of time in the stores browsing, shopping, and going back for forgotten and newly thought of items. I even made our own wrapping paper. Of course, I'm now coming up with loads of ideas for a more homespun Christmas. I've written them down in a 2011 planner.

Some ideas include decorating our bushes out front with pine cones coated in peanut butter and bird seed. Instead of doling out Christmas cookies to neighbors, I'm going to continue with what I started this year, loaves of yummy bread fresh from the oven. For presents, I want to make doll clothes, matching aprons, a barn, a stable, John Deere Pink bedding for my little farm girl, to name a few.

For a lovely vision of a homespun Christmas, visit Aspiring Homemaker. The link is in the left-hand sidebar!

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