Monday, December 27, 2010

A Favorite Christmas Gift

One of my most favorite gifts I was able to give to my children this Christmas was a set of custom made fabric baby name blocks from a stay at home mommy at Berry Sweet Baby Boutique. They are beautiful, one of a kind, well made, sturdy, artistic blocks. I had my infant's name done, one letter per block. I just told her my favorite fabrics and that I'd like coordinating, but not necessarily matching fabrics on the blocks, but each block quite individual and let her do the rest! She came up with the cutest set! I love the taggies on the blocks and I LOVE how each block is so unique and eclectic! Quite a visual feast for my little man who loves a good pattern.

The blocks are stiff enough to stack and squishy enough for baby's little hands to grab. I just love them!

They'd make a great baby shower or new baby gift! Especially since it is so disappointing to head into the big box stores and see all those plastic, noisy, battery-operated, overwhelming toys on the market.

Oh, and if you want to see blocks with letters on them (mine have letters, but none of them are showing in the picture above), just visit Berry Sweet Baby Boutique and look in the photo album.

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