Friday, April 03, 2009

Yesterday's Simple Blessings

It was such a joy to hear the radio weather guy announce sunshine and upper 60's for the weather forecast for yesterday. I knew I'd be heading outside to putter, but while it was still cloudy and cool in the morning, I packed up the kiddos and ran some errands. At Big Lots I found a Bissel carpet sweeper for only $12.00. A similar one at Walmart ran nearly $30.00! It works well, especially on my bedroom rug. The vacuum doesn't pick up on my bedroom rug for some reason. It just pushes dust around. But the carpet sweeper picks up what the vacuum leaves behind. At Walmart, I found a scientific calculator for hubby similar to the missing one for only $9.38. That's less than I figured I'd have to spend.

Once home, I knew today would be the day to get manure. So, after lunch, I packed the kiddos up again, threw a shovel and a covered 18 gallon plastic tote in the back of my grocery-getter and headed for the farm. I caught the farmer just in time and asked for the manure pile. He very kindly offered to just load the bucket loader on the tractor and bring me down a load. So he did and I spent my daughter's naptime hoeing it over the vegetable and herb gardens. Once again I thanked God and my husband for my wellingtons!

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