Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Dark, cloudy, windy, cold, and SNOW!!?? Grrrrr.......I went outside to empty my carpet sweeper and actually got stark raving mad about the cold, wind and snow. I think my neighbor's daughters heard my rants. *blush*

I'm in a better mood this afternoon. The morning's errands went quickly and smoothly and I had plenty of time to help out my parents with some house cleaning. My son didn't want to leave! I think he's ready for another overnight there. Perhaps when Grandpa's back gets better.

In absolute spite of the weather, I bought peat pots and potting soil.

Oh! At the farm today I bought green eggs! They had eggs that have naturally green pigmented shells on sale for $2.00 a dozen! (I usually pay $2.50 a dozen for farm fresh eggs). Green......we need to see more green here. The fields and lawns are slowly turning green, but no green buds yet. There are some green bulb shoots (crocuses have already come and gone, though).


MomAtHome said...

i agree! we need more green here too! all the flowers ive seen about were surely killed by the frost last night.

Mimi said...

We had some Spring snow a couple of weeks ago (they did my crocuses in) but there's a difference between winter and spring snow, don't you think?

Enjoy your day.