Thursday, April 09, 2009

Seeds planted, soil turned

It was so nice to wake up to sunshine today! I also woke up to Bubby throwing up and running a fever. He probably caught something at the doctor's office. I really don't like doing well-child visits because they always get sick anyway!!

Anyhow....I managed to get several rows of soil turned in the garden ready to receive beets, turnips, spinach, peas and scallions. I'll plant them after Easter. We're expecting more cloudy, foul weather this weekend. Peat pots fill the south and west facing windows of my porch. I started bells peppers, cukes, fennel, dill, lettuce, spaghetti squash and rosemary. I ordered heirloom tomato plants and will probably pick up a few romas and a cherry tomato at the greenhouse.

I'm still trying to decide the color theme for the wall garden. Yellow and purple come to mind for this year.

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