Wednesday, April 01, 2009

One of Those Weeks....

You know how it is....every so often we just get hit with "one of those weeks." For me, it seems no matter how much I clean, the house doesn't seem to get any cleaner. Also, I have tons on my to-do list, but other things keep coming up. For instance, I spent a good portion of this morning searching for a calculator that hubby needs. Since he got it, it's always been in the same place (except when he pulled it out to use it and then would put it back again.) However, the kiddos found the spot where it was kept and now it has vanished. I looked in all sorts of usual and unusual calculator. On top of that, my daughter is going through "velcro stage," so I'm limited in what I can do. Also, my son is Mr. Curious and gets into EVERYTHING. I'm really on my toes.

The weather's been crummy, so that's actually been a blessing. Otherwise, I'd be outside doing yardwork.

I'll feel better when Bubby's birthday party (this Saturday) is over and I can finally get out and gather my emergency stock.

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