Friday, April 03, 2009

Rainy Day

Bush cherry bushes arrived in the mail today. As usual, mail-order plants always arrive on the worst days. :b It's pouring rain out and the weather man even mentioned the s-word....snow. I doubt we'll get snow here, though. That's the nice thing about living in a valley. I opened the box and the roots were just about dried out, so I secured my children, donned a rain slicker and wellies, grabbed some large pots and a shovel and ran out to my muddy, poo-slicked, stinky garden and potted the bushes. As soon as the weather clears, I'll have to get some top soil for where I want to plant the bushes.

Otherwise, life has been very busy and rather unpredictable. There's a cloud of uncertainty floating around. I do feel better when the days are sunny and warm, though. I just feel a bit detatched, lately. Something's bothering me and I haven't figured out what yet.

Spring is a good time to try to lower my electric bill. I want to see how low I can get it. I've done well keeping it around or below budget over the winter. (My budget is $80.00 a month). I'd love to get it down to around $50.00. Here are some ideas to make a sort of game out of it:

1. Be conservative with lights....such as I don't need to turn the basement lights on during the day if it's sunny.
2. Don't use the dryer!
3. Be careful with cooking, cook lots at once (I have an electric stove)
4. Unplug the microwave...I don't use it much anyway.
5. Remember to unplug adapters that aren't in use.
6. Use the carpet sweeper more often than the vacuum.
7. Keep the TV off, use a less powerful radio.
8. Try not to pop on the computer for little to no reason....surfing's a waste of time anyway.
9. Make the most out of daylight and then enjoy a darkened evening.
10. Cut down to just 1 nightlight instead of 2.

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Bethgem said...

You're such an inspiration with your electricity ideas. :)

I miss our letters! It's terrible to just come here and comment instead of writing you, I know. I seem to have gotten out of the swing of it. I'm also avoiding correspondence because I have so many thank-you notes to write! Procrastination... But thank YOU for the diapers. That's the best kind we've ever used! I can't believe we're on to size 1 already.

I had some awesome compost this spring. I had given up on actually using our compost because it never did much before, but last fall my parents brought me a lot of pony manure, and that made a huge difference. It overwintered with my kitchen scraps into the loveliest black soil.

Well, off to start the day... I've got librarying and planting to do today - violas and some pretty pink creeping plant whose name I can't remember.