Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Where I live, if you mention lingerie, people automatically think of Victoria's Secret.  If you say you need a new bra, the choices seem to be big box stores or VS.  But, thanks to hubby, I've discovered the pleasures of shopping in independently owned lingerie boutiques. 

Hubby had to work a couple hours away from home for over a year.  During that time, he was near Rhinebeck, NY, a beautiful village full of art bars and boutiques.  His ever-watchful eye for pretty things for his wife spotted a pretty dress in a window of one of the boutiques in Rhinebeck.  He never was able to stop, but finally, when his stint there was completed, he drove me down for the day to clean out his rented room and stop at the shops.  Turns out the clothing shop does indeed sell clothing, but it is also a high end lingerie shop called Joovay.  The lady inside was an intelligent, kind-faced beauty and we had the pleasure of having conversation with her while I browsed.  The shop is tasteful and full of beautiful silk lingerie.  I window shopped a few pieces, but since money was tight at the time, I simply bought a luxurious pair of European pantyhose.  (Do you know how hard it is to find size A pantyhose in a pale enough nude shade for me?)  We plan on returning as soon as we can to purchase a few pieces for me to feel like a queen in while I snooze.

This past weekend, hubby and I spotted another treasure during our travels.  This time, it was in Ballston Spa, NY, a little shop called Torso.  The styles weren't quite what my tastes are, but the shop owner was a charming and friendly woman who made me feel welcome and hubby comfortable.  Again, the shop was tasteful (unlike VS with their stank-faced, oddly posed models in posters all over the place), the items of high quality, the atmosphere pleasant, and just oozing with charm and femininity. 

Besides, it is so reminiscent of the vintage days of lingerie shops for the ladies where you could browse and shop and try on and purchase luxury garments that you took care of and lasted. 

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