Thursday, July 11, 2013

Season of Shortage, Season of Blessing

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Sometimes you have to lower your standard of living to increase your quality of life.
Kateri Scott

These seasons in life come to most of us.  These seasons where something goes wrong, something breaks, someone falls ill and the bills pile up while the income ceases or slows.  We find ourselves counting pennies, stretching food, pulling together yard sales, considering another way to earn an income, and coming up with unique ways to save buck.  

I grew up in this kind of life.  Money was always tight and never enough, yet we muddled through somehow. I still find myself in this kind of life.  Hubby is a hard working man and provides well for us, but life has a way of happening from time to time rendering that bank account far too slim.  It is usually a time of high stress and tears as I navigate the bills and books.  It is usually a time of crying out to God, questioning Him, and wondering while we are faithful tithers (10% on the gross), we find ourselves so devoid of His blessings.  

But this time is different.  Yeah, a few weeks ago I had a huge tantrum about it, but now I think I'm beginning to realize:

When you lose your sense of entitlement, you realize how many blessings you have.
Kateri Scott

And as I see the blessings, I see the rampant waste, too.  Waste of time, energy, money, resources....

I also see the blessings of God increasing my time as I have to put MORE time into doing things.  One of the best ways to save money is to work with little to make much.  He also increases my creativity in doing so, too and I sit back at the end of the day and realize that if I put this kind of effort and creativity into life  to be with, we wouldn't be in such a situation, or at least not as recessed.  Then again, it takes the recessions to draw out the blessings!  And there are seasons of plenty when we can take the time for leisure and pleasure; a little extra waste and fulfilling a want or two.  

But for now, I am living in creativity.

I will be filling my etsy shop with vintage and homemade items soon.

I am also making soaps again.  My soaps are completely all natural, no funny ingredients and extremely nourishing to the skin.  They will be listed in my other etsy shop soon.  Links will come.

What are some unique ways you save a penny here and there?

Cloth items as opposed to disposable?
Making more from scratching?
Eating more simply?
Enjoying home life more?

Share in the comments!

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Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

Yes to all four questions - except I do use disposable feminine product, and toilet paper. :-)

I save money by making things from scratch, by doing family fun things that cost no money, like walking to the pond, swimming in the free neighborhood pool, hiking, having a picnic on the front lawn, etc.

I also grow some of our food, and also enjoy foraging in the woods for good, wild edibles.

I have levels of scratch. In good times, I stock on up food and goods, so that when times are lean, I can save on the grocery bill by going to my stock.

If things get more lean, I go back to making my own laundry detergent (else, I prefer to buy), and if times get really tough, I can switch everything to cloth - but times have to be very tough before I'd do that, LOL.