Saturday, July 20, 2013

Odd Small House Dilemma

How does mushed up food wind up in the master bedroom?

That's easy!

When you live in a small house, and your master bedroom door is so close to the dining room table that when you pull the high chair out, it practically sits in the door, and your baby boy likes to announce that he's finished with dinner by chucking what's left on the floor, you're just bound to have some wind up in the master bedroom!

I suppose we could shut the door, but we only have two windows in this house that can hold air conditioners and both of them are holding air conditioners.  Those windows happen to be bedroom windows.  Therefore, if we shut the door, the bedroom turns into a meat locker and the rest of the house turns into an oven. 

So, we firmly, but lovingly correct and encourage baby to stop chucking his food, and I continue to clean food out of the master bedroom.  We continue to live in our little cottage, cozy, storing up plenty of memories to laugh and marvel at for years to come.

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