Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Back in the domestic saddle again

It is amazing how much time homeschooling and chasing around a mischievous and highly mobile baby can take up.  Now that we have July off and my baby boy is old enough to play with his siblings (with mom close by, of course), I have been filling my days with cleaning, organizing, rearranging, purging, soap making, and cooking.

It amazes me no end how we continue to manage in our little cottage.  We actually do fit in here even though we don't have the spacious luxuries other smaller families have.  It's almost a shame to leave and "waste" in a larger house.  The tiny house movement is certainly an inspiration.  Funny how in some way, I'm actually living a vogue trend rather than making do with what we have because we have no options right now.  Our farm isn't ready for us and we aren't ready for it.  The Lord knows the time, if at all.

One thing I am learning is being content with what we have.  It is so easy to dream about our future farm too much, or visit someone's house and wish for their space, their dishwasher, their master suite with jetted tub.  But look at what we do have!  More than many!  I'm not trying to brag, but I still marvel at the luxury of a hot shower.  We only have one shower, but one is enough.  I managed to fit in a piano and a fireplace (an electric one) and I'm looking into unique ways to fit in a dishwasher.  Countertop, perhaps?

I redid hubby and I's closet and things fit so much better now.  All I did was remove the modulars and repurposed them as homeschool floor to ceiling bookshelves in the dining room, and I added some shelving I found in the basement.  Voila!  Nice, neat, easily accessible stacks of hubby's clothes.

Baby items are being sold or given away, making room for...well...space.  Toys are being purged and organized.  It really is amazing what one can do with what they have.  It is to the point where should someone with a larger house (and smaller family) complain about not having space to put something, I just smile.  There's space.  We just have to think outside the box.

In other news, the baby, A, is walking and talking!  He's 13 1/2 months old now and speaks small, whole sentences like, "I love you," "there it is," "I see it," and "thank you."  I credit his oldest brother, D.  D is a talker.  I'm sure that influenced A's vocabulary.

I've got time to browse blogs again.  If you have a blog, leave the address in the comments.  I'd love to visit!


Mrs. V. said...

I was actually thinking about you a few days ago and wondering how you are doing. It's good to see an update. I surely understand tiny houses. Ours is rather old and we are dealing with sagging floors at the moment. I'm seriously hoping prayers will hold them up until we can save enough to fix them, lol. :0)

Joyful Christian Homemaking said...

I have a family of six, and we are comfortable in 1200 square feet. I think that is spacious, but some people seem in awe that we can live in under 2000, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. I check in with you from time to time. I am near saratoga and ive been over to your neck of the woods many times. Its always neat to read a blog from your area you know??