Monday, July 29, 2013

Inside My Mailbox

Recent goodies in my mailbox (aside from homeschool work books):

I've had my eye on this skirt for my daughter for several years!  It is from Mini Boden and I either couldn't find it in her size on ebay, or they were still asking more than I was willing to pay.  Finally, her size and a price I could live with!

This will be our oldest's level 3 piano book.  I bought it early at a good price because I want to learn Lunar Eclipse for myself.  I'm a self-taught piano plunker.
No, that's not me.

I love Bea's blog (check out my sidebar) and her gentle inspiration and ideas.  While I don't believe I'll ever find myself as disciplined and dedicated as her, she does give practical advice and a fun challenge to life.  I was so eager to get this book!

Since I'm trying to organize home creamery classes, I thought it would be an interesting study to see how the West Ladies do their dairying.  I am slowly building my collection of their DVDs.  Homestead knowledge is never wasted knowledge.

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