Monday, December 05, 2011


I love being friends with weirdos! I grew up a weirdo from a family of weirdos. It instilled vast amounts of creativity and exploration. When I started re-enacting, I met more weirdos! Weirdos who knew how to brain tan, finger weave, play multiple obscure instruments from time periods past, play the Star Wars theme on bagpipes! I met historical fencing experts, herbalists, historical seamstresses and tailors, wig makers. I met people who still make hominy using their own homemade potash. I met people who collect fantasy-fiction memorabilia like its precious gems. I met zealots, Christians, pagans, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, brain surgeons, war horse experts, authors, the list goes on and on!

Add to that the internet world, and the weirdos just keep increasing! I meet people from all walks, many of whom I'd disagree with on many stances, but there's just something about them that makes me like them! I like REAL people. People who are honest, even if I don't agree with their stances on things. I like people who are genuinely interesting and present themselves, even in their weird way, with confidence and sincerity....and share some basic interest with me, be it simple living, vintage living, farming, gardening, sewing/needlework, certain arts, books, religious beliefs, etc etc etc.

Weirdos are great!

And as a side note, no Gonzo is not my all time favorite Muppet. Rizzo the rat is!


glojo said...

Love this post! Once my husband commented that all my friends were weird. My response was, "Of course. Weird people are interesting!" Now I live in a city whose unofficial motto is "Keep Portland Weird" with weird meaning unique or of extraordinary character. I like that definition. Thanks for sharing your perspective. It is refreshing.

Heather said...

I'm intrigued by the term "brain tan." Could u please explain?

Kate said...

Heather, in the days of old, when someone skinned the animal they killed, they would use the brains of that animal to tan the hide