Thursday, December 08, 2011

A bit of a make-over...and a preggy belly pic!




New hair and 13 weeks pregnant!

I welcome the change. I LOVE my hair! So many people thought I would be upset. That I'd cry, if not that day, then the next. I didn't cry. I smiled and I'm still smiling! I don't even really miss my long hair and am excited to do so much with my short hair. Also, the nice surprise, those curls and waves are natural! Who knew!?


Mrs. V. said...

**Love** your hair! I did the same thing a few months ago - went from really long to shorter with layers - and I never had second thoughts. I like it so much better! Glad to see you're getting along well. :-)

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

You look GREAT!!!

Heather said...

Love it! Flattering!

Elisabeth Black said...

You're so pretty I almost can't stand it.

musingsofamountainmama said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! I did the same thing after having baby number 5, went from waist length hair to about 4 inches below my head feels SO MUCH lighter now. :-)