Thursday, December 29, 2011

New for the New Year

As always, I am looking forward to the turn of the New Year. I love the fresh start and hope to dedicate January to clean slating! I've already begun the clean and purge. There is just something about increased sunshine, cooped up winter days, the putting away of Christmas decorations, and this year the nesting instincts that has me geared up to really get a good grip on the house this year.

We will be in this little cottage for at least another year. Having that clear answer from hubby, and his ideas for home improvements (more new windows!) has me excited!

January 18th, I find out the gender of the baby! After hearing the heartbeat at my last appointment, I think I may be having another boy. The rate was 148 beats per minute. My boys tend to range lower, usually in the 150's. My daughter was in the 160's. Regardless which gender is floating around in me, once I know, I can purge the basement of at least half the baby stuff we've accumulated over the years. A whole gender of baby clothes will be sent out!

I am also renewing my household mission of cleaner and greener living. I will be purging the house of candies and cookies and other junk food. I've already begun carefully label reading at the grocery store (did you know jars of pickles contain artificial colors?!) and trying to buy more organic. Regardless, I try to buy produce that is from the USA (bananas are the exception.)

Besides food, I hope to reduce chemical nasties in the house. I also want to make sure I recycle everything that I can. No more hapless tossing into the garbage.

For myself, my goal is to allow myself relaxation time. I've martyred myself to the motherhood cause long enough. Ever since I finally got my long hair cut, I've realized that it's totally ok for mom to take a breather and in fact helps me be a happier, healthier wife and mother. I got a foot bath massager for my birthday and I went out and bought a shiatsu massager and a jet bath attachment. Hubby remarked how much he likes that I take time to paint my toenails. On top of that I finally bought my first own curling iron and blow dryer! It is true I've gotten a bit frumpy over the years and that is ending.

So, that's that! What are you planning on for the New Year?