Friday, April 22, 2011

We are officially a farm

Well, at least according to my 5 year old son, we are officially a farm because we now own ducklings! Not as many as are in the picture. My camera battery is charging, so I made do with a picture found on google images. We only got six of the cute little things.

No, they're not pets. We're raising them for meat, so I guess that does make us more of a farm. For some reason, people in general are more understanding of raising animals for meat if you live on a farm. If you're just Joe Homeowner with a couple of critters in the backyard who eventually wind up in your freezer, people think you're some sort of sicko. But, if you're Joe Farmer and some of your livestock wind up in the freezer, you're just Joe Farmer.

But, for now they're cute little ducklings living in a brooder in the basement. Hubby started building their home outside around our little pond and they'll move out there as soon as their old enough and it warms up some. It's almost May and it snowed yesterday!

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Homegrown Family said...

Ducks are so much fun. We have 11 ducklings they are for eggs though all but one female. I love ducks and have missed them. We also have 14 turkeys and 35 meat chickens.

I love this time of year and all the little quacking, peeping babies.