Saturday, February 19, 2011

When Spring Awakens

Energy seems to surge through me when Spring awakens.

I feel more focused.

I feel more organized.

I feel more alive with a renewed sense of purpose.

I feel excited.

Winter does tend to droll on here with very gray Februaries and teasing Marches.

Slowly but surely, Spring is awakening. Kind of like me when the alarm goes off, playing the classical music station and I just lay in bed for up to 2 hours, dozing and listening because I got yet another poor night's sleep from children needing care at all hours....but I digress....

It started back when the temperatures lolled around 0 degrees F. I could hear birds! No longer were the woods near my house quiet, but alive with the echoing sound of chirps and churls.

Other signs of a coming Spring are teaser days of warmer temperatures, and the time to order seeds and plants for the garden!

The days are getting longer. The wood pile is quite low. Patches of browned grass are showing where the snow was plowed back. Perhaps my favorite, though, is my brother is preparing for sugaring off! Maple syrup season begins soon!

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