Friday, February 18, 2011

What's a Mother To Do?

Next time I'm pregnant, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I kind of don't want to go back to the hospital I've been birthing at, or even the same OB. Though I've been blessed with fast, vaginal deliveries with no pain meds, I still have "stories" about giving birth in the hospital. I'll just itemize them quickly here:

1. My OB only delivered 1 of my 3 children. The others were delivered by OBs on staff that I had never met until they walked in while I was 10 cm dilated.
2. My first baby was premature and required a little special care and a full staff in the room and his birth was only $10,000. My 3rd son (just 4 years later) was born pretty much on his own with no intervention and just the OB and a nurse waiting by the bassinet and he was $20,000!
3. My OB wanted to induce with my 2nd and 3rd babies despite the fact that I can go naturally quite well on my own AND they both weren't full term yet. (I've NEVER made it to 40 weeks...I've never made it to 38 weeks!)
4. Though I have no physical evidence, I think they put pitocin in my IV for my 2nd baby to speed things up and get me out of there since it was so busy. My contractions were HUGE and there was no break in between them.
5. I asked for an itemized bill after my 3rd birth and the bill showed 3 orders of pitocin, though I had NOTHING hooked to my IV the entire time I was there AND they charged me over $50 every time I took an OTC motrin. (Bring your own motrin, ladies!)
6. I don't get to recover alone. It's shared recovery rooms....blech!
7. They don't have midwives.

Unfortunately, my other choices are the local general hospitals which are even worse with OBs who are even worse! Although, the one does have midwives, hubby refuses to let me birth there because the horror stories coming out of that hospital are too numerous to ignore.

There is one other choice that's a bit of a distance away, but perhaps worth the trip. I think I may check out that hospital and their midwives when the time comes.

Hubby isn't comfortable with a home birth, and asks that I birth in a hospital.

What we need where I live are more midwives and a non-hospital birthing center!

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Paul and Annie said...

My husband wasn't 100% comfortable with the thought of a homebirth until we started taking our Bradley Birth Classes and watching a lot of videos of natural births. Now he has been trying to convince me that we should have a homebirth even though I am due in 6 weeks and everything is set up for a hospital delivery!

We found out we were pregnant the weekend we moved to a new state, so I was scared and overwhelmed at the thought of trying to find a doctor, etc. We were blessed to find a great doctor and a good hospital. Now I'm just waiting to see if everything goes as smoothly during the delivery!

My siblings and I were delivered by Mennonite midwives (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful-according to my mom!), so now that hubby is on board, we will be having a homebirth for the next baby.

Just keep researching and look into watching a few videos of natural births- the difference can be amazing!