Monday, February 21, 2011

The Blessing of Young, Unmarried Ladies

Dear young ladies, or mothers of young ladies,

There is a niche that needs to be filled and it is a perfect fit for many young, unmarried ladies. What a blessing you ladies can be to mothers of young children! Even the most joyful and talented mother can fall weary, frustrated and unrested, needing just a little time to catch her breath and her thoughts before returning refreshed to her highest calling. Today's economy can often force the father away from home at times for work leaving mother to do it all at home.

I am hardly the most joyful and talented mother out there. I adore my children, but admit that I was unprepared for just how much work they can be! This past year proved very trying and tiring for me due to many different, difficult circumstances that arose. As hubby and I seemed to tread the waters of faith, we grew weary. Our faith didn't falter, but our weakened bodies did.

A dear friend of mine noticed this. She noticed that I needed a breather. I needed time to refresh, to finish a sentence, to take a shower without worrying what's going on beyond the bathroom door. I needed time to pray, something I don't do much of anymore except for quick snippets throughout the day. She noticed that hubby and I needed time together. And in her heart of agape love, she sent me her daughters.

Her daughters, whom my children love, swept into my house and with God-given talent and skills, took over. They cared for my older two children while the baby and I met hubby after work at a hotel for a 4 day weekend!

Oh, what a blessing it was! I spent the entire road trip listening to sermons, praying and singing hymns uninterrupted! It was nice to sleep in. It was nice to turn off my brain. It was nice to shower in one of those high-jet hotel showers without worrying about anything. It was nice to just loll about the days without messes and chores looming up in front of me. It was nice to gather my thoughts, re-evaluate my motherhood, miss my older children and be a wife instead of a mother.

When I arrived home, the house was in order, the children happy, healthy and eager to see me, and the girls were feeling just as blessed to have helped me as I was to receive such a gift.

May I train my daughters up to be such girls!

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