Tuesday, February 08, 2011

That Season in Life

I have entered into that season in life where there simply aren't enough hours in a day.

It has come to that time in my infant's life where he's getting more mobile and more clingy to mommy. The world seems bigger and naps seem less exciting than the world around him.

It has come to that time in my toddler's life where naps are no longer needed, yet she is unable to fully occupy herself with one project for any length of time.

It has come to that time in my 4 year old's life where being indoors is incredibly boring and he's dying for fresh air. However, the weather has been very difficult this year. Right now that wind gusts are strong enough to make an adult fight against it and the wind chills are below zero. Short tempers and boredom are setting in and even mommy's most creative ideas seem charmless.

Time is limited. Right now I'm finding time to type this blog post while I upload photos for etsy. I'm liquidating some of my vintage clothing and posting them to etsy. If you know anyone who's into vintage finds, please direct them to my etsy shop. Thank you!

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