Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Toss Out 25 Things - The Challenge

Darlene at Raising Homemakers posted an article about tossing out 25 things. I decided to take up the challenge. Trying for days to find time to actually do the challenge, last night my baby blessed me with a 7pm bedtime and I was able to put 18 Kids and Counting Season 2 on Netflix and pull up my 4 totes of stored-away clothing.

Most of my clothing is given to me. I also still have clothing from my high school days! My tastes have changed, my needs have changed, and yet I still have a lot of clothing. Without counting, I just started making piles of keeps, maybes and get rid ofs. When I finished, I started counting the get rid of pile and didn't bother counting past 30! I had made my goal and then some! Although, about half the pieces I'm keeping for upcycling. The other half, I'm giving away. All in all, I was able to narrow down my boxes from 4 to 3! I'll go through the spring/summer clothing again later in the year and probably throw even more away.

Now I want to go through my children's clothing boxes. They have a LOT of boxes!

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