Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wood, Paint, and More

The New Year is certainly proving to be a busy one already! I started it off with tackling the living room. We never painted it when we moved in and the previous owner's paint job has taken a beating over the years. It's a slow process what with raising 3 young children in the mix. I really only can paint when my youngest two are asleep, which doesn't amount to a lot of time for me. But, most of the trim is done and it already looks so much better in there! I can hardly wait for it to be done.

Amidst all this painting, I received a dump truck load of wood and am expecting more. Hubby was away for work, so the job of moving the wood fell on me. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and the wood was cut, but not split. It's also green. That meant I had some very large, heavy pieces to move. Thank God wood is round and can be pushed. And thank God we don't have any snow, but we do have a frozen ground, which made the task easier. And thank God the baby slept the entire time I worked.

Bettina is not forgotten, though, and I am shopping today for what I need to make 3 recipes out of her books for this weeks Year With Bettina. It looks like I have all but one ingredient in the house and that ingredient is ground veal.

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Dondi said...

I just found your blog last night. Lovely! I am really looking forward to the Year with Bettina!