Monday, January 17, 2011

Wii Fit

Hubby got me the Wii Fit!

So, I tried it out today.

For an hour!

And was disappointed that it said I only burned around 150 calories! I spent an hour of my day working out and only burned 150 calories?! C'mon!

Granted, the Wii started me off slowly. After all, the Wii says I'm fat and my Wii age is 46! *rolling my eyes* My size 4 jeans need a belt and the Wii says I'm fat. LOL! Ok ok ok, I'm out of shape. I know that. For my size, my BMI is in the high end of the normal range. I'm just one of those petite people who's "fat" is other people's "skinny." Anyhow, the Wii warmed me up, but I didn't break out in one tiny little sweat. I didn't gulp for air. I need something a little more high intensity. And then the Wii gave me a little guilt trip for missing yesterday. I was at church, Wii! Yeah, I'm yelling at the Wii.

Anyhow, it wasn't all few calories and fat. I really like that the Wii has the balance, stability, core strength improvement in it. I found that doing the yoga poses on the Wii balance board made the yoga more intense for me. When I do the poses on my own on the floor, I don't find them too challenging because I naturally shift my center of balance to make it easier. But on the Wii balance board, I have to maintain my center of balance within their parameters and it's a challenge for this balance-impaired person!

At least it's fun. I like that it keeps track of my progress. There aren't many workout programs that keep me interested for an hour straight AND make the hour fly by.

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Elisabeth Black said...

Oh no, now I want to try that!