Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Binge and Purge

My apologies to those suffering from bulimia for the title of this post, but really, it's an accurate way to describe this phenomenon.

Christmas comes and we spoil our children rotten.
After Christmas sales come and we spoil them some more.
I'm also the familial dumping ground for toys that have been purged from other people's houses.
On top of all that, I live in a teeny house!

I've hit my limit. We've binged and now I want to purge. I feel guilty for the quantity of toys in the house, so I'm ready to purge.

I'll admit that this is hard for me. I have to convince myself that they'll not miss the toys and they're not going to suffer some sort of educational deficit or enhanced boredom should the toys leave the house. After all, my 4 year old is outside in the bed of the parked pick-up truck shoveling out snow. He did that yesterday and we outside for 3 hours! He'll probably do the same today! Is he really going to miss the talking drum he's never played with for more than 3 minutes at a time that someone got him at a yard sale? My daughter is not going to even remember to talking purse with oversized contents that I refused to buy her for it being rather silly, but someone gave it to her second hand anyway.

Before I had children I would proudly tell people that my kids are going to play with dirt, sticks and rag dolls. Ha ha ha, silly me!

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The Kitchen Witch said...

I have to purge every few months. I deal with the guilt too. I know little 'un doesn't play with the toys more than once a month and will not miss them at all but I tend to be far too sentimental. He has two play areas overflowing with toys all the time and I still feel guilty about giving any toys away.