Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boxcar Houses

My parents had a back issue of Reminisce magazine at their house. While flipping through it, I fell upon an article about a family of 4 living in a boxcar. I could not find the photo used in the article, but this is quite similar. Back during the depression, the daddy of the family worked for the railroad. The family was given a boxcar roughly converted into a house and they moved along the line as the work progressed. Actually, the article was really about the boy's obsession with the hobos until an incident frightened him away from hobo camps. Instead, I was drawn to the family living in a boxcar GRATEFULLY!

You know, really, I shake my head at people today, myself included! We're so prosperous!

My furniture doesn't match, but I have plenty of furniture and my house looks homey.

We only have 2 bedrooms, but at least we have bedrooms!

We only have 1 bathroom, but at least we have a bathroom, and pretty nice one at that!

My stove is only apartment sized to fit in my kitchen, but I have a stove that doesn't require constant maintenance to keep running.

I sometimes wonder how we're going to fit in our little cottage, but I've got a lot more space than a boxcar (not to forget better insulation, running water, electricity, etc).

This certainly makes me even more thankful for my little cottage.

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