Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wee Hours of Motherhood

Mother and Child by James John Hill

Mothers see many wee hours. Whether we're awake with an active, sick or fussy child or whether we're awake because our minds are racing with all the cares of motherhood, we mothers and 1:30 am are well acquainted.

What are we to do within those wee hours?

We have two beautiful options.




A child is burning with a fever and rests fitfully within your arms. Pray and sing soothing hymns.

A baby is teething and colicky. Pray and sing soothing hymns of praise.

A teenage daughter is up with tearful concerns. Minister and pray.

Husband sleeps like a hibernating bear beside you and you're wide-eyed staring at the ceiling (and slightly resentful of his ability to compartmentalize and thus fall into a peaceful, thorough sleep at the drop of a hat anywhere). Pray and pray and pray.

We mothers often find ourselves short of time in spending time with the Lord. We promise an early rise to spend half an hour reading and praying before starting the day, and lo and behold, the children decide to wake up a half and hour early, too. Before you know it, it's time to tuck them back into bed for the night and you've barely cracked open the Bible or said, "Good-morning, Jesus". You figure you can read before falling asleep only to hear the piercing scream of a teething 1 year old who's sharp little cuspid decides to stab through tender gums mercilessly at 8 pm. When, oh when am I going to find time with the Lord.

In the wee hours.

In the quiet (sometimes) wee hours.

The soothing drone of your quiet whispered prayers or readings of Bible passages can lull a child into a sleep surrounded by the love and knowledge of Christ.

The calming resonance within your chest as a child leans his head against your breast while you sing a lullaby of a hymn is a great ministry.

Prayers, whether on your own or to or with a child minister to them and to you and all those you pray for.

The enemy can turn those wee hours into hours of anger and resentment. Turn them into hours of and for the Lord, instead.

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful post! I had one of "those nights" last night...so it's a timely post as well :-)