Saturday, September 11, 2010

Patriot's Day

I was standing in my parents' living room when our neighbor called to tell us to turn on the news. I saw the first tower smoking and the second plane hit the second tower. I felt terrified when the pentagon was hit. I felt pride, saddness and fear all rolled into one when the passengers of the plane fought back and crashed in PA.

I remember 9/12. It was so eerie, so strange. I remember not seeing any jets, planes or helicopters in the sky. There were none of those white streaks that jets leave behind in the blue sky.

I remember hating that my brother's honeymoon was interrupted as he was sent to serve at ground zero.

I remember the Patriotism that rose up. I remember how quickly it seemed to fade.

I remember 9/11

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Mrs. McB said...

One of my major memories is the beautiful, clear blue sky...without any jet streaks like you mentioned. I specifically went outside to look at the sky to see how clear it was.