Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birth Control Culture and Pregnant Wives

In this birth control culture we live in, there's an attitude that affects many wives who get pregnant "again!" I faced this a little bit with my last pregnancy. There's this attitude of, "Couldn't you have done a better job of preventing it?" After all, I had the "perfect boy-girl family" already and times were tough with a career change for hubby and all.

What this cultural attitude doesn't realize is that people who still have sex, no matter what the course of birth control, can still get pregnant. (Just as an aside, we were using fertility awareness, but I was a week off.) Also, the attitude assumes that the baby isn't "wanted." Oh, my Baby Boy was not only wanted, but NEEDED.

The world is filled with women who've had babies while using some form of birth control.

There's a saying that goes, "Do you know what you call couples who use the rhythm method? Parents!" Well, that saying can go for all forms of birth control, and even in the rare instance, sterilization! I know of a woman who got pregnant twice after a tubal ligation.

I've seen people rear up this ugly attitude towards wives who get pregnant, often by "accident," during a difficult time, such as hubby's lay off, severe illness, even separation. They give her the, "Couldn't you have been more careful" attitude, not realizing that yes, these things do happen.

How about a little support? How about a little love and understanding? How about acceptance and celebration for the new life?

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