Friday, September 10, 2010


Yesterday was my oldest's first day of home school preschool. I decided to do preschool with him to help us both get used to home schooling when the time comes for the "real deal." We've decided to home school because we're both certain he can get a better education at home. Our private schools are either way too expensive or not up to snuff academically. Our public school is one of the worst in the state for safety and education.

Here's what we're doing this week:

We're learning about the letter A; reading it, writing it, phonics.
We're learning about the number zero; reading it, writing it, understanding the amount.
We're learning about part of the story of David, a Bible verse, God's promises and the importance of keeping promises.
We're learning about the color red, coloring within the lines and following directions.

I'm reading out loud from The Boxcar Children and other smaller books. I ask my son questions about what we've read. I think this is an important beginning to reading comprehension.

For science, we took a trip to a farm and when we came home my son drew observations in his journal (a la Sid the Science Kid). Today, we're going to make applesauce and he'll draw more observations.

I also noticed yesterday that he writes his letter loops clockwise when he should write them counter-clockwise, so in art today we're going to practice counter-clockwise loops.

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Mrs. D said...

We love Sid the Science Kid. They have big microphones that echo at The Chinese Embassy (WalMart). Costco has microscope sets under $20.00 I'm having more fun with it than my son but glad we picked up for the future.

There are a couple of shows on the Science channel How It's Made and How Do They Do That that you may want to look at. They are give and take, come and go here but I see them being very helpful in the future.