Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 Months and Counting

3 months and I'm still breast feeding exclusively and on demand! Who knew going exactly by the nature God created would make for success thus far and all the man-made "advice" would lead to failure!? LOL!

While I did buy Baby Boy some pacifiers last month, he hates them all and won't use them. I only bought them because he likes to use me as a pacifier and sometimes I just can't lay there and let him pacify. Sometimes, I do need to go to the bathroom, get something to eat, care for my other children, etc. So, I thought for those times I'd let him suckle a pacifier. I did buy the pacifiers with trepidation that doing so would kill breast feeding as some advocate groups assert. Never minding that, Baby Boy won't take them. Instead, he loves his Mommy and discovered his perfect little fists for sucking. Otherwise, he likes the meaty part of my thumb and my forearm which bears a tell-tale hickey.

He's chubby, as a baby should be. I still have good let-downs. He's never had a bottle and I haven't pumped since the first few weeks.

I breast feed everywhere. I can't believe how silly I was with my first two kiddos in that I didn't breast feed in public. I would schedule trips between feeds, but inevitably they would want to cluster feed and I wouldn't accommodate, thus making us both stressed and upset. Now, I just chuck a blanket over my shoulder and nurse away. I don't care about the stares....even the creepy guy at the fair who I'm sure got a pretty good glimpse of my anatomy. I do my best to be modest, but my child's hunger pangs trump someone else's problem with breasts. I even quit hiding out to nurse at church. I nurse right there in the sanctuary, well covered by the blanket. Baby Boy does not eat as well under a blanket, though, or even away from the comforts and routines of home, so I try not to leave too much, or if he is having a hard time under the blanket, I'll seek quiet solitude so we can both concentrate on his feeding.

Well, he just finished breast feeding, so now it's time to get changed.


Heather said...

Good for you! :D

Julie said...

Great news.
I'm still in that break out in a sweat faze every time I have to nurse in public. Most recently at a baseball game that we attended with some people from church. I was sure we were going to end up on the jumbotron. LOL We did not.
I ended up using the Soothie pacifier for Lily. I have had no problems with confusion or anything else. It's the only paci she will take. I only use it when I have nursed and nursed and nursed and really do need to get up and attend to my other children. :)