Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Children in Photographs

Daughter: sweet, wild-child of mine. She totally rocks pigtails.

Baby Boy: Who could ask for anything sweeter?! And yes, he's turning into a redhead!

Big Brother: Aspiring farmer, super-cuddler

We had some fall-like weather recently and I just HAD to put Baby Boy in his flannel shirt and slacks for church!

Here's daughter with a stuffed ladybug I made her out of leftover fabric from her ladybug quilt I made her. Ladybugs are her "theme."

An August evening walk through the woods and farm fields. Here they are tromping through alfalfa and inspecting the wrapped bails.

Baby Boy on our walk. He's all wrapped up in one of my moby wraps. I have two so I always have one handy should one get dirty.

Through the woods.



Anonymous said...

I love these...I like the one of your daughter with big brother peaking around her in the background!!!

Elisabeth Black said...

They're beautiful, Kate. I miss you!