Saturday, October 10, 2009

What we've been up to lately...

Sorry that the images are out of sync. Here are some pics of what we've been up to lately here at Taigh Beag:

There is a frost advisory tonight so the herbs had to be harvested. Here is a layer of Stevia to be dried.
We also when to a re-enactment. My little boy loves riding in the wagon.

Sister, on the other hand, prefers to walk. Taking a picture of her constantly moving is impossible with a camera phone. If my husband asks anyone what he should get me for Christmas, I'd like a really good digital camera!

We love art in our house. Here is my daughter happily working on a paint with water.

My son has poster paints and loves to paint pictures of farm machinery like this combine.

Here they are at the re-enactment climbing on a fence. We didn't stay long. It was COLD and they don't really have proper cold weather gear. Daughter didn't seem to notice the chill, but my dear son was shivering.

My son wanted me to make a Play-doh pig for him, so I did and he placed it inside this pigpen.

Finally, a little sunshine! Here is my kitchen window. You'll see that bundle of herbs in the next picture:

Fennel, rosemary, sage, lavendar, winter savory

Horehound. I also have going in the drier oregano and marjoram.

The wild turkey visit our yard twice a day.


Heather said...

What great pics! The babies are adorable. That pig is sooo much more creative than I could come up with :D. I bet those herbs smell divine! And I LOVE that you have a cell phone with you at your reenacments...LOL!

roxanne said...

Your little girl is so precious! I love her hairdo. We have the same one! LOL!