Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October in Photographs

My latest project is using this reproduction 18th century lucet to make a cord for a hat hubby is putting together for re-enacting. Using a lucet is a very relaxing, easy activity. It's great to keep idle hands busy while waiting somewhere or watching television.

My son was so thrilled to find out that he's finally tall enough to reach the pedals on his tricycle and actually pedal it around the driveway. Yes, it was cold enough for a parka that day and he insisted on wearing mommy's winter work gloves. Oh, and all those pine needles! We had a day of steady 30 mph winds and the woodlot next door has a lot of white pines. That combination made quite the mess of our yard! Oh, how we'd love to own that woodlot. It is a prayer of mine. Right now it belongs to the nursing home just down the road. They own it because their well houses (which I believe are no longer in use) are back in the woods where the springs are. However, they don't take care of it. The trees are in a horrible state. Many of them are dead, dying or have partially fallen down. There are great sections where it is dangerous to even walk back there. It is in need of a great cleanout. At the edge of the property is a grandfathered farm access road, which we have no problem keeping as a farm access road should we ever secure the lot. Oh what we could do with that lot.

Last week, Bubby's letter of the week was E. E for egg, so we hard boiled some eggs and decorated them by practicing writing the letter E. Most letters he prefers to write lower case, but E he likes upper case.

E is also for Ella, a friend of mine's daughter. For her birthday I drew this upon the envelope for her card. It was so nice to dabble is my artwork and creativity.

Work boots. We live in the country. Work boots are a must. Both Son and Daughter have a pair of real, waterproof work boots and they are their favorite footwear.

This is "Dud." Dud was drawn and named by my son a couple months ago, actually. He is actually my son's very first human-ish drawing. The mediums used were a concrete basement floor for the canvas and sidewalk chalk.

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