Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preggers, politics and sewing

Yes, I am pregnant, and thanks for all the prayers and congrats! I'm not sure what the Lord has in store for this pregnancy. I just take comfort in knowing that it is in His hands, whatever the outcome. Those who know me and know of my past miscarriages have offered me cautious or delayed congratulations. I say don't delay! A life has still been created! Even if I miscarry, I still have a child! That child will be waiting for me in the arms of Christ Jesus. That alone is enough for congratulations. :) I don't necessarily ask that you pray that I don't miscarry. I believe God has already made His decision whether or not I keep this wee one. I pray for the health of my womb and that if I do miscarry, I won't need another D&C.

I'm through with politics. I no longer wish to considered a Conservative (or Republican, or Independant, or Constitutionalist, or Libertarian, or whatever other camp is out there that I might fit into). I am first and foremost a God-Fearing, Christ-Adoring, Bible-Believing Christian and ALL my actions as a citizen of the United States of America should reflect that.

As for sewing, the bug bit me hard yesterday! I started working on a doll for my daughter's fabric doll house (yeah, I'm way behind on that). The doll is sewn, stuffed and painted. Today, I'll try to attach the hair and maybe make a dress for the poor, naked dear. I also made the cutest ladybug plush that I'm thinking of putting on Etsy (yes I have an account, but haven't put anything on it yet). My son loves it and thinks it's for his sister, though, so I'm debating. Last night, I started on a shift for my daughter for re-enacting. I'm hand-sewing most of it, with rolled hemmed ruffles on the sleeves and freeing gussets down the side. In the meantime, I've finished luceting the cord for hubby's hat and I'm knitting something out of bamboo for my sister, and perhaps one for Etsy.


Mimi said...

Congratulations! Prayers!

roxanne said...

Amen on everything that you said about the baby and politics! To God be the glory in everything!!!!! And of course I will be praying for you and the precious wee one. The Lord is soooooooooo Good!

Emma said...

Congrats, Kate!