Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Room School

At the re-enactment site this past weekend was this very schoolhouse. It was open to look in and had a motion sensor recording that talked about the history of the schoolhouse along with the history of school in the 1890's. While over a hundred years in the future according to the era of the re-enactment, it was still neat to visit the schoolhouse.

It was empty when I ushered my children through the doors that so many children now long since deceased had passed through. They immediately took to the schoolhouse like it was familiar territory. I sat them at the two desks near the teacher where the two blond boys sit in the picture. The museum provides slates, chalk and sheepskin erasers. The two sat and drew on the slates the entire time the audio played. I couldn't help but do a little lesson with my son on the letter D and then wandered about erasing some inappropriate things someone had written on a few of the slates.

I mused how perhaps someday it would be neat to get my teaching degree and start a one room schoolhouse private school. Otherwise, I mused about if we had the extra land how neat it would be to recreate a small one to homeschool my kids in!

In the meantime, we live in an area rich with old schoolhouses. We live across the street from one! I like bringing my children to them just to see them and breathe the history.

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Anonymous said...

I second your opinions about one room schoolhouses! I've been fascinated with them my entire life. I do have a teaching degree, but have given up using it to be a mommy, which is the most important profession in the world. I can't get teaching out of my blood, though; I dream about teaching my son someday. The sad thing is--public schools nowadays can't hold a candle to a school room of yesteryear. Hey, many blessings on that land and schoolhouse!! Stacey