Monday, November 30, 2015

Stay At Home Friends

Every stay at home mom needs at least one.

A fellow stay at home mom friend.

A partner in crime.

A bosom companion.

A woman who will cheer her on while she's ambitiously vacuuming cobwebs.

A woman who will text her a challenge to stay off of Facebook for the week with her.

A woman who will encourage her to donate another 25 items to Goodwill.

A woman who extends grace when she's having a bad day.

A woman who understands her desperate need for a good chocolate or coffee NOW!

I have three such friends:  my sister, my mother, and my mentor.

I sincerely hope you can find at least one other lady who's either been there or is in the trenches of stay at home motherhood right now to be your confidant.

This also works for career moms, too.
, Find a peer, another career mom, and be each other's cheerleaders!

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