Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sewing Saturday Afternoon

I renewed an old friendship over the weekend.  My sewing machine and I got back together after a long separation.  Spring, summer, and harvest take away so much time.  It was nice to tackle a small pile of fleece and turn it into useful items.

First, I made 3 pairs of "Cozy Pants" as we call them.  I made this moose pair, a brown pair for my youngest, and my oldest boy got a pair in fisherman print.  (The picture won't upload for some reason).
We have long winters here and days at home where sometimes only Cozy Pants will do.

Not one to waste a scrap of fabric, I whipped together a pattern, pulled out an old cloth diaper from the box of them I saved for just this purpose, and made myself 3 rudimentary cloth pads.

Here are two of them.  Nothing as fancy finished as the ones sold online, but they'll do.  I just bought snaps to sew onto the wings and they'll be ready for next  month's visit.

The last bit of the moose fabric was turned into "Skating Booties" utilizing a simple pucker-toed moccasin method.

I also made a pillow case out of the brown fleece since my 2nd little Mr. has two pillows on his bed, but one set of bedding only has 1 pillow case.

This evening, I cut out the shirt to go with my oldest's cozy pants.

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