Friday, November 13, 2015

One of My Favorite Authors in One of My Favorite Catalogs

I apologize for the blurry photo as my better camera is on my phone which is currently being used by my potty training toddler to keep him securely on the potty and not running around in the bottom buff.

Never mind that, though.  Look at this!  I found True Ladies and Proper Gentlemen Edited by Sarah Chrisman in Victorian Trading Company!!

I have read Victorian Secrets by Sarah Chrisman and really enjoyed it.  I love her way of writing, her intelligence, her experiences, and how her book challenged me to think outside the box.

I look forward to reading her newest book:

While I am not a Victoriaphile (is that a term?), I do enjoy history and understanding the past, regardless of the era.  One thought that really struck me in Victorian Secrets is that the Victorians weren't necessarily strict prudes so much as they valued their privacy.  Not everyone lived in sprawling  mansions, and even those who did often had servants attending them, so true privacy was technically rare.  I could understand this because I live in such a small house with 5 other people.  Privacy is a luxury we cannot afford, therefore it becomes a gift granted to us by the other occupants.  I noticed that even when I have to take my boys in with me to the public restroom, they turn themselves to the wall to grant me privacy.  My children know that when mom and dad are shut up in their bedroom we are not to be disturbed and the olders know that it is ok to put in a kid's DVD or PBS Kids and watch it quietly with the youngers until we emerge.

It really is fascinating to think of it so practically rather than illogically legalistically.  So much of life really does begin more practically.  Only after does is transpose into something of rules, laws, legalism, etc to force others to comply.

But, I for yourself and come to your own conclusions and enjoyments! 

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