Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where Do I Find 25 Things to Purge Every Day?

People have been asking me where I find 25 things to purge every day. Yesterday I purged well over 100 things. This morning, I purged 52 things as seen in that pile in the picture above.

So, here are some places I'm purging and some ideas for you:

1. Children's clothing. I am given SO much that I am able to be selective. My 6 year old does NOT need 35 pairs of size 5 jeans.

2. Catalogs and Magazines.

3. Junk Mail.

4. Junk Drawers (yes, little things count, too.)

5. Paperwork

6. Medicine Cabinet.

7. Pantry

8. Garage/Shed

9. Books

10. Hobby supplies

11. Unfinished projects

12. Household cleaners

13. DVD's, CD's, Video Games

14. TOYS!!

15. Your refrigerator/freezer

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