Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Possible Diagnosis of Exhaustion

I never guessed it, but the signs are there. After all, I sleep at night. Not always through the night, but I sleep. I nap. I sit around most of the day. But, apparently, I may be suffering from exhaustion.

No matter how much or little I sleep, there is little to no improvement. I'm constantly fatigued. Bone fatigued.

My muscles ache all over. They feel very weak, too. Getting up is a great effort. Moving is slow.
I feel short of breath and sometimes need to take a breath during a small sentence.

My digestion is extremely sluggish and if I eat something that's not as simple as applesauce or yogurt, I feel worse. A smoothie and a small infant-size bowl of oatmeal yesterday had me so stuffed, I was sick most of the night waiting for it to digest.

My blood pressure is normal. Baby is active and growing normally.

I feel like I need a lot of fluids, some oxygen, and I need to just sleep. I wish I could spend just one night in a hospital getting these things, but I was just told to "go home and rest." Hopefully, I will find improvement tomorrow.


Anna said...

One word, Kate: anemia! Get your iron level checked!

Kate said...

It could be anemia, but I drink stinging nettle tea (high source of iron), eat iron rich foods and my tap water contains natural iron. I also cook in cast iron. I go back to the OB in 2 weeks. If I am still bad off, I will let them know and see about an iron level check. In the meantime, I'm listening to my body and doing what it tells me to do. Thanks, Anna!