Monday, March 05, 2012

Possible Preterm Labor

I have been experiencing BH contractions since about 17 weeks. I've also had many episodes of cramping and pressure. They never really concerned me too much as a change in position or a little heat would stop them. However, I realized that they are coming more frequently in bouts. Longer, stronger bouts. Yesterday, they were less than 5 minutes apart with the need to breathe through them. It lasted about an hour that way. Walking about slowly and drinking water was the only way to calm them. They calmed, so I did not head to the hospital, but the evening still held off and on contractions. I have decided to call my doctor when his office opens today. These are far too many contractions to be having even if labor is not progressing or occuring.

Has any of my readers dealt with this at 26 weeks?

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Heather said...

I did not have the history of miscarriage that you have had, but yes, I had this at 32 weeks with #1 and 23 weeks with #2. I was monitored both times and baby and I were fine. There was no thinning or dilating. I had horrific BH for soooo many weeks. Stopping and breathing kind. PPL seem to think they don't hurt or are no big deal, but mine were BAD! They were times at 7 minutes apart with #1. I don't remember with #2. They got so bad with #1 I was put on terbutaline (sp). That made me shake sooooo bad I thought I was dying. I took it 4 times a day. I had to plan my life around taking it. We didn't make that mistake with #2. We just held out and dealt with it.