Monday, March 12, 2012

My Patchwork Home

Is your home a patchwork home like mine?

A patchwork home is a house where nothing really matches. My rooms are painted different colors. I do not have one complete set of furniture. For example, in my living room my sofa came from Big Lots when we got married. My chair was in my grandma's bedroom. Hubby's chair came from a local furniture store as a birthday gift several years ago. The side table was my great grandmothers. The piano I got on craigslist for $50.00. The media cabinet is from the closet organizing section in Target. My desk was my mothers. There is also a footstool from a local antique's shop, a homemade rocking horse given to us by friends, a wicker hamper from Target, and an old stool from a vintage sewing machine cabinet set.

Things are a bit topsy-turvy, too. My children occupy the master bedroom while hubby and I squeeze into the 7' by 9' 2nd bedroom. The dining room serves as the library, too. The sun porch is our homeschool room.

Sometimes I admire the full suites and sets at the furniture stores. Sometimes I dream of coordinating rooms, being able to stylize to my heart's content rather than settling on what I can get my hands on. But like a patchwork quilt, my patchwork house has so many homey memories. How can I get rid of my grandmother's chair or hutch? That rocking horse was so sacrificially and lovingly given to us, I want to keep it for my future grandchildren should the Lord tarry.

I will probably always have a patchwork house. Even when the Lord finally blesses us with a move, (pray a farm!) and I have more living space to play with, I will most likely keep the patchwork, and add to it.

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